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Two holes-in-one. Same day, same hole, same course

The 'hole in one society' estimates the odds of a golfer shooting a hole in one are about one in 27,000 but the chances of two players hitting consecutives aces on the same hole are 1 in 67 million!!!

This amazing feat was achieved on Dunstable Downs’s par three 9th hole one afternoon in 1976. Reg Scott and Maurice Hull were playing Reg Higgs and Vic Hall in the final of the Sanders Four match play competition. They were all square when they reached the 9th. Teeing off after his partner, Reg Scott selected his nine iron as the breeze was assisting, struck a crisp shot which had the flag covered all the way. Suddenly, whoops of joy from the group of players waiting on the tenth tee told Reg that he had holed out. Evidently his ball had pitched just short of the hole and entered the cup after its first bounce.
“That’s us one down” thought Reg Higgs as he teed up his ball when the excitement and congratulations had quietened down. He too selected a nine iron rather than his usual eight, gave the ball a hearty smite and watched it said towards the green. Again, there were roars from the gallery on the tenth tee. His ball had pitched in the identical spot hit by Reg Scott and followed his opponents into the hole. A one in 67 million shot and a series of coincidences
1. Both players shared the same Christian name: Reg
2. Both were the same age: 51
3. Both had the same handicap: 13
4. Both first holes in one
5. Both hit nine irons
6. Both hit almost identical shots
So, ninth hole halved in one, match still all square, and onto the tenth. Eventually Scott and Hull beat Higgs and Hall one up to take the trophy. Later on that evening the 19th hole was really rocking!