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The new Member's App

CLICK HERE to be taken to the new Members’ App

The number of mobile users today is far greater than the number of desktop users! This means that the Club is constantly looking at the best way to communicate with you in this ever-changing technological world.

Emails can take a while to be delivered, may not get through your ‘firewall’ and with the sheer quantity of emails we tend to get nowadays spotting, remembering or finding the important ones can be a challenge. The new Members' App contains all the information that you the swipe of your finger

• View competition results

• Latest club news

• Course status.

• Club's diary and latest events.

• Manage your Club user profile.

• Contact fellow members through the member list.

• View your account balance and transaction history.

• View your golfing stats and handicap certificate.

• View important member documents uploaded by the club.

And now ‘mobile score input’ You can now enter competition scores on your phone, tablet or computer.

P.S. Don’t worry if you still prefer emails, we’ll keep sending those to you as well. And we will continue to post the important notices on the club noticeboard too. But I promise, this really is a great APP that you should download onto your device.