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1906 to 1936

The Club originally moved into their first club house in 1906 that fronted Whipsnade Road.

With the extension of the course from 9 to 18 holes the need to extend the clubhouse and in the spring of 1913, it was agreed that the club house would be fitted with an upper story with balcony and house a veranda underneath. This would have the added benefit of enabling the club to add a large dressing room for the men, “also drying and locker accommodation, completely independent and separate from the present common room, which in the future would be used for meals only”

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1936 to present day

In 1936 at the opening of the 'new' clubhouse, Tom Moore, Secretary said , “There is no doubt that it is in an ideal position – right in the centre of the course and overlooking seven counties. When you come to think of central heating, electric light, baths, shower baths, lovely rooms with windows giving glorious views, I think we may look upon it as a perfect paradise” The new clubhouse, built by Mead Estates of Dunstable for £4,500 was described at the time as an ‘example of the modern trend in architecture’