Plus Fours, Long Socks, Tweed Jackets...
Our NEW dress code below reflects the modern age

The general principle is that visitors and members shall conform to the best of golf standards both on and off the Course and be of smart and tidy appearance.

Golf Course
Clean, smart golf attire is required for the golf course. Denim clothing, football style shirts, tracksuits, combat style trousers and cargo shorts are not permitted on the golf course.
Tailored golf shorts, skorts and golf dresses are permitted, along with ankle socks. Tops that are designed to be tucked in, must be tucked in, however, fitted tops designed to be worn outside are permitted to be worn as such.

Smart casual dress may be worn in the lounge, bar and dining room at all times. Smart casual includes tailored golf shorts and smart, full-length denim jeans, which are not torn, ripped or frayed. Printed or collarless t shirts, track suits, combat style jeans or cargo shorts are not permitted. Wet clothes, waterproof golf clothing and golf shoes must not be worn in the upstairs area. Occasionally, for certain special evening functions, a jacket and tie may be required.

Mobile Phones
The use of mobile phones for voice calls and the playing of soundtracks is not permitted in the bar, lounge, dining rooms or on the golf course. Mobile phones may be used for voice calls elsewhere in the clubhouse, on the balcony and in the car park. Calls can obviously be made on the golf course in the case of an emergency.


Ready Golf
We are fans of ‘ready golf’ Always allow faster groups the opportunity to come through - especially 2 balls. If you are looking for a lost ball and there are players waiting to play behind you, please allow these players the opportunity to play through.

Pitch Marks & Divots
Please replace divots on the fairways, repair divots on the tees and pitch marks on the greens.
On tees, you are requested to use the soil and seed mixture provided in the soil boxes.
On fairways, divots should be replaced and stamped into the ground to assist repair of the damaged area.

All bunkers have a rake available. Please rake bunkers after use and leave the rake in the bunker in such a position that the handle is readily accessible for those following.

Players are requested to refrain from taking trolleys between bunkers and greens.

Dunstable Downs is a modern and progressive golf club
We have adopted a relaxed dress code for the 21st century