Braids best - the 8th
from the winter green
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Spiking, scarifying and top dressing

Each year, soil samples from greens are sent away and analysed for organic matter (thatch) content. Results from July 2020 have been returned and show encouraging evidence that we are now closer to guideline percentages. In 2018 thatch levels were high - this meant greens were soft in winter, likely to suffer heat stress in summer and more susceptible to turf diseases.

The overall health of our greens is moving in the right direction, with deeper rooting also evident. Twice per year, we are over seeding bent grass which will slowly establish in a free draining environment and out compete the less favourable coarse grasses. Bearing in mind that thatch levels on most courses have increased this year due to shutdown and lack of traffic, achieving a further reduction this year is testament to the excellent work carried out by the team.

We appreciate members allowing us to carry out spiking, scarifying, top dressing at frequent intervals. It is these tasks which will contribute to improved putting surfaces. A big thank you from the green staff.

George Little
Course Manager

The short 9th
from behind the green