It's another warm day! If you are playing don't forget to drink plenty of water and use suncream.

Club Rules



Your co-operation in the upkeep of the Club's dress code is appreciated. Staff and officers of the club will uphold these rules so, to prevent any unnecessary embarrassment, please ensure you take time to read the outline below and support the club in maintaining its high standards. We ask that you are appropriately dressed at all times, and thank you for your support

Golf Course

Clean smart golf attire is required for the Golf Course.

Denim clothing, jeans, printed or collar-less t-shirts, football style shirts, tracksuits, trainers and for gentlemen cut off trousers, combat style trousers and cargo shorts are not permitted on the Golf Course.

Gentlemen and ladies may wear tailored golf shorts to the specified maximum knee length in both the clubhouse and bar. Gentlemen must wear either plain knee length hose, trainer socks or predominantly white over the ankle sports socks.

Gentlemen must tuck shirts inside trousers / shorts waistband.


Smart casual dress may be worn in the lounge, bar and dining room at all times.

Smart casual includes smart full length denim trousers but not printed or collar-less t-shirts, football style shirts, tracksuits, trainers and for gentlemen cut off trousers, combat style trousers and cargo shorts. Denim is allowed, but, as with any other trousers, they should be ‘in good taste’ and not be torn, ripped, frayed, multicolour or dirty.

Wet clothes must not be worn in the upstairs area

Waterproof golf clothing must not be worn in the upstairs area

Dining Room

Smart Casual Men – Tailored trousers, smart jeans, collared shirt,  Ladies - either a dress, or a shirt or blouse with tailored trousers/ smart jeans or a skirt.

Occasionally for certain special evening functions men may be required to wear a jacket and tie.

4.6 Mobile Phones

The use of mobile phones and pda’s for voice conversation is not permitted on the Golf Course or within the confines of the club house and they shall be switched to silent at all times.

Mobile phones & pda’s may be used on the balcony and in the car parks only for voice conversation.

The use of mobile phones and pda’s on the Golf Course will be permitted in the event of an emergency where emergency services (fire, police, or ambulance) are required.

Course Marshalls

When on duty, our Course Marshalls have been asked to enforce these rules and will be happy to assist with any queries you may have. You should be aware that those not complying with these Rules will not be permitted to play golf or enter the Clubhouse.

Course Etiquette

Slow Play: For the benefit of all it is suggested that if you play slowly then you are likely to be holding up the field and thereby causing frustration to those following.

Bunkers: All bunkers have a rake available. Please rake bunkers after use and leave the rake in the bunker in such a position that the handle is readily accessible for those following. Players are requested to refrain from taking trolley’s between the bunkers and greens.

Pitch Marks: Players are requested to repair pitch marks.

Divots: On the tees you are requested to use the soil and seed mixture provided in the soil boxes. Divots on the fairways should be replaced and stamped into the ground to assist repair of the damaged area.

Please ensure that you are aware of these Course Etiquette requirements.